Just You & Me..

Let’s get out of here, just you and me. I don’t need the promise of tomorrow and yesterday tastes bitter in my mouth. I want to watch the sun rise over a landscape that breaks into all the things I never thought I’d see; all the things I was too afraid to reach for. We’ll take your car and I’ll oversee the radio, I’ll play the soundtrack of my life and you’ll smile like you don’t know. We can chase the memory of passion lost, a trail growing colder with every mile we leave behind.

Let’s ditch this town, this tired collection of haphazard streets and lawns built on haste and disinterest. I imagine blue skies and sweet air that isn’t heavy with all the choices we’ve both made, the words we never should have said, and pretend, for a minute, that the grass really might be greener. I want to grab your hand and leave the path we’ve started down, I want to scream fuck it all into the bleeding sun and give it all up. I want to take for granted everything I have with you and recapture the uncertainty.
Let’s stay up late and watch the stars move in tandem with the moon.  We’ll remember younger days of whispered promises on shooting sparks in the void and the wild hope of a tomorrow that might never come. We’ll laugh at the sheer enormity of everything we can’t see and feel free in the face of all the things we could never hope to understand. We’ll pretend we’re not afraid and fall asleep as the moon dies and the stars sputter like the dreams we built in the dark, forgotten under the press of the sun.
Let’s make promises we can’t keep. They taste the sweetest as they roll off our eager tongues, like the temporary pleasure of a stolen candy and forgotten just as quickly. I want to pretend for a few hours more that this might last longer than a few hundred, uncounted heart beats. I want to sit here, hands clasped and sweaty, and pretend for just one second more that this might mean something. Something more substantial than time long lost and passed.
Let’s turn ourselves into something we’re not. I’ll be that girl the broken slivers of me once dreamed of being and you can pretend you’re everything I thought I wanted. We can build ourselves using the pieces others left behind; all those lofty ideals and unrealistic gems of plastic brilliance. A fair and convincing around the room, just don’t get too close or you’ll see the cracks in the warped glass. We’ll be actors in a play that has no audience aside from our two silly hearts that are so damn set on ruining the lines. You’ll say you love me and I’ll smile and say ‘I know.’
Let’s say goodbye. And this time we’ll mean it, I swear. When we hug, our bodies disjointed and graceless as they collide in a mockery of the passion they once possessed, we’ll force our smiles and our words will slither all across our teeth. U’ll turn to leave and I’ll stand at my door, the one that was always hard to cross, and you won’t turn and I won’t wait. The door will click closed and u’ll drive away. The anticlimactic ending to a tired song that I’d long forgotten the words to, but a part of me will always remember the chorus.
Let’s get out of here, just you and me.



​Once, I fell in love with a guy, he was smart, ambitious, polite, handsome and charming. It was hard not to fall head over knees for him, I will call him Mr. Maybe. During that time, I tried convincing myself that he was doing all he could do to love me and i was trying to give it all, but I knew I was lying to myself because I always felt something was lacking, like he could do more or give more but something was just impeding him from doing so. For the longest time I made excuses for him, until I just decided that I was done with Mr. Maybe and all his maybes.
Let me tell you exactly what it feels like to fall in love with Mr maybe :-
– “Maybe” he is down for meet this weekend, depending on whether or not he will be done with all his other priorities. 

-“Maybe” he is free at 10 PM to call you and chat for a bit.

– “Maybe” he is dating someone else, or studying or just hanging out with friends or attending stupid boyz batchlor party.

– “Maybe” he is listening to you when you are talking , a personal issue.

– “Maybe” he supports your dreams and passions that’s why thinks it is crucial to drop relationship and pursue them. 

-“Maybe” he really is too busy.   

– “Maybe” he cares but doesn’t know how to show it.

– “Maybe” he is just stressed out with workload and that is why he hasn’t been making any effort.

– “Maybe” he needs you in his life, but he is emotionally unavailable.

-“Maybe” he didn’t mean to ignore you when you told him you miss him.

– “Maybe” he needs space because he is just overwhelmed with college works and his family issues.

– “Maybe” he didn’t hear you when you said you loved him that night.

– “Maybe” he doesn’t know how to be loved because he isn’t used to receiving that kind of love.

– “Maybe” he didn’t mean to let you go when you were fighting with him.

– “Maybe” he got wrapped up in something that he forgot to call you back.

– “Maybe” he really didn’t like your profile picture, or your article or your status update.

-“Maybe” he loves you but actually not sure of his feeling. 

– “Maybe” he is just not ready.
The list of Mr. Maybe’s “maybes” can go on forever, these are just a few examples of how love can blind people into settling for “maybes” when they know better, and they know that “maybe” is just another word for explicating that you are just not that important to him to try harder. Mr. Maybe and I remained good friends for some reason. He once asked me if we’ll ever meet, I would just like him to know that the day we meet , I will be meeting the guy who was sure of all his “maybes”. I will be meeting the guy who knew that when it comes to me, there should be no “maybes”. I will be meeting the guy who has never been sure of anything more than this, more than me, more than wanting to spend that time with me. But to answer his question, will he ever get to meet me? Maybe!